How to retrieve daily and 1.0°x1.0° ERA5 data using R

Hello all. I'm trying to use the "Daily statistics calculated from ERA5 data" application through R instead of Python. Do you know if it is possible? In particular, I need coarser data in time (daily) and space (1.0°x1.0°).

I tried the following code but got errors:


request <- list(
dataset_short_name = "reanalysis-era5-single-levels",
product_type = "reanalysis",
format = "netcdf",
variable = "2m_temperature",
statistic = "daily_mean",
year = "1993", month = "07", day = "23",
time_zone = "UTC+00:00",
frequency = "1-hourly",
grid = "1.0/1.0",
area = c(90, -180, 0, 180),
target = ""

file <- wf_request(user = "XXXXX", request = request, transfer = TRUE, path = ".")

Data transfer failed with permanent client error: the request you have submitted is not valid.
Reason given: undefined value : 1-hourly for parameter FREQUENCY; Values are :; ALL; OFF or OFF; TO; any number; a list; Ambiguous parameter: statistic could be STEP or STYLE; undefined value : UTC+00:00 for parameter TIME; Values are :; any number; a list; TO; BY; ALL; 12; No request.
More information at

Thanks in advance!