How to Sub-region extraction of Thermal Comport Indices data by CDSAPI?

Thermal Comport indices derived from ERA5 reanalysis data are available for global coverage. To reduce the download time and size of data, I need extraction of data only my region. I try to download sample data by CDSAPI set up my region using python. But downloading only whole globe.  How I do it by CDSAPI using python?  

Example of python script:

import cdsapi

c = cdsapi.Client()

           'product_type': 'consolidated_dataset',
           'year': '2020',
           'month': '01',
           'day': '01',
           'area': [
                 15, 75, 3,
         'format': 'tgz',
         'variable': 'universal_thermal_climate_index',

Hi Anusha,

It doesn't seem it is possible to extract sub area for this dataset.
If you go to the dataset download page:!/dataset/derived-utci-historical?tab=form you will see that there is no option to select the area in the web form. That usually means that extracting subarea is not possible. For datasets where this is possible you will see the menu where you can choose your area. 

I hope this helps.