Informative page in readiness for new CDS-beta!

The Climate Data Store (CDS) Beta will officially be opened to all following pre-launch preview for C3S partners and stakeholders.

What’s new on CDS Beta? All layers of the Data Stores are new!!!
The front-end web interface, the back-end software engine and the underlying cloud infrastructure hosting the service and core data repositories are all new.

And in addition to this, new features and functionalities await you:
• Integrated user community forum
• OGC compliant APIs
• Integrated Evaluation and Quality Control (EQC) function,
• Open-source expert Python packages (Earthkit) for climate and meteorological data handling and exploitation able to deploy & run anywhere
• Expanded training material supporting users on how to access and handle data effectively

CDS Beta will need a breaking-in period under live conditions – we cannot do this without your active involvement. We will therefore be counting on your feedback to consolidate our review and fine-tuning process of CDS Beta. This is key to the opening of a fully operational new CDS.

In readiness to start using CDS Beta , we strongly recommend that you check our informative page which also includes details about how to report bugs/issues and provide feedback.

ECMWF Support
on behalf of Data Stores Team

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Dear Anabelle,

Can you please provide us with a link where we can create the SSO account? I tried creating the account on ECMWF, but it is not accepted either in the CDS or ADS.
This is the error I obtain using the ECMWF SSO account on the CDS:
Unrecognized username or password. Forgot your password?


Hi M,
You will not be able to use your ECMWF account on the current CDS or ADS.
You will need your ECMWF account when logging on to the new CDS or new ADS.
Hang in there, the new CDS is very soon coming now :slight_smile:

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The … is helpful but confusing. It describes old/new CDS and points to the newest cdsapi pypi page and the dataset download form. I have checked the way how to configure ~/.cdsapirc and how to request/retrieve data.

GitHub - ecmwf/cdsapi: Python API to access the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) says that the ~/.cdsapirc files should look like:

key: <UID>:<API key>

Where UD and APIkey should come from Log in | Copernicus Climate Data Store according to the readme file.

The download form suggests this way to request data (an example):

import cdsapi
c = cdsapi.Client()
        'product_type': 'reanalysis',
        'format': 'netcdf',
        'variable': '10m_u_component_of_wind',
        'year': '2018',
        'month': '01',
        'day': '01',
        'time': ['00:00', '06:00'],

This all seems not to have changed with respect to say six months ago. Is this really the way to do it or will the respective pages still be updated? I am reading about an ECMWF account but this is not yet mentioned in the readme of cdsapi or anywhere else. I find this quite confusing. Furthermore, I would like to request deprecationwarnings if users retrieve data via a method that will become deprecated, if that was not already implemented.

Dear Annabelle,
It is written in the announcement that "New tool packages will be made available (post new CDS launch) to provide software tools for weather and climate workflows that simplify data access, analysis, visualisation and much more. "

Do you know when these tools will be made available? Are they already available?

It would be great to know that in advance, because we are already in mid-July and you say there that " * The current CDS and ADS will be completely shutdown in September 2024. Should users still have API scripts pointing to the retired CDS and ADS systems, these will systematically break and no support will be provided."

How can we migrate the workflows from the cdstoolbox before having the tools to do so?