Livemap error: One or more layers has not been loaded properly


I would like to plot river discharge data from the dataset "River discharge and related historical data from the European Flood Awareness System" in a livemap. Unfortunately the data do not show in the livemap, instead the map shows an error message "One or more layers has not been loaded properly" (although the workflow itself doesn't give an error message).

A bare-bones example would be like this:

import cdstoolbox as ct

@ct.application(title=‘Livemap river flow data’)
def plot_application():
data = ct.catalogue.retrieve(
‘system_version’: ‘version_4_0’,
‘variable’: ‘river_discharge_in_the_last_6_hours’,
‘model_levels’: ‘surface_level’,
‘hyear’: ‘1991’,
‘hmonth’: ‘january’,
‘hday’: ‘01’, #[‘01’,‘02’],
‘time’: ‘12:00’,
‘format’: ‘netcdf’
plot = ct.livemap.plot(data)
return plot

This successfully loads the data as shown below, however the livemap is just blank apart from the error message mentioned before. Any pointers?

<xarray.DataArray 'rivo' (y: 950, x: 1000)>
[950000 values with dtype=float32]
  * y                        (y) float32 752500.0 757500.0 ... 5497500.0
  * x                        (x) float32 2502500.0 2507500.0 ... 7497500.0
    forecast_reference_time  datetime64[ns] ...
    step                     timedelta64[ns] ...
    surface                  int64 ...
    time                     datetime64[ns] ...
    lat                      (y, x) float64 ...
    lon                      (y, x) float64 ...
    long_name:              Mean discharge in the last 6 hours
    units:                  m3 s-1
    grid_mapping:           crs
    standard_name:          outgoing_water_volume_transport_along_river_channel
    cds_magics_style_name:  river-discharge
    type:                   real

Many thanks in advance