Livemap time slider


As explained in the documentation, if you use cdstoolbox.livemap.plot(...) with a shape that is the result of the cdstoolbox.shape.merge_array tool, a time slider will be added to the livemap.

Is there a way to format the time indicator on the time slider? There is a bit in the documentation about formatting shapes labels, but not the labels on the time slider. 

See the attached screenshot, I would like the time slider to show '2060' instead of 'January 2060' 

Many thanks


Dear Rutger,

You can use:

date_format='yyyy' # date format to use in the time slider

Here is an example:

The updated documentation for ct.livemap.plot has not made it to production yet but you can see it here:

Hope this helps.


Thanks Vivien! That works perfectly.

If I may ask a different question... The documentation that you linked to gives some information on how to specify colours and contour levels, but I think this only applies to shapes? How can I specify colours for a single gridded data layer in a Livemap?

I couldn't immediately find a good example of this in any of the applications, either, so any pointers would be appreciated.



Dear Rutger,

As for now there is now way to customize a data layer in a Livemap.

The styling is all automatically driven by the long name of the variable.

More customization options might be available in the future.