Modification of 'statistics' widget on CDS download forms of selected SIS datasets: API scripts only affected

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Please be aware that we are implementing a modification of one of the selection widgets on the download forms of the following SIS datasets:

The affected widgets are those including the word "Statistics" (e.g. Statistics or Ensemble Statistics).

As a result of the modification of the widget name, the corresponding API request syntax also changes. To avoid disappointment with failing API data requests, please check your API scripts and update as necessary (i.e. update 'statistics' to 'statistic' or update 'ensemble statistics' to 'ensemble statistic' as applicable).

We strongly recommend that you check you have the correct syntax for your API script by using the 'Show API request' button on the applicable CDS Download form.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

For any enquiries or feedback regarding the above, please contact us.


C3S Helpdesk at ECMWF