New application published: Copernicus Interactive Climate Atlas (C3S Atlas)

We are pleased to announce that the Copernicus Interactive Climate Atlas (C3S Atlas)
has been published today, 20 February 2024:

The Copernicus Interactive Climate Atlas (C3S Atlas) is a web application of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) allowing flexible exploration and analysis of past and future climate monitoring and change information from multiple lines of evidence provided by the observational, reanalysis and climate change projection datasets available in the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS).

The Atlas facilitates global and regional in-depth assessment of past trends and future changes in key variables and (extreme) indices for different periods across emission scenarios or for different policy-relevant global warming levels (e.g. 1.5°, 2°, 3° and 4°). Different graphical climate products such as maps and timeseries (or stripes) can be interactively customized to display temporally- or spatially-aggregated values (or changes relative to different baselines) over flexible seasons, periods and regions.

More details about the Atlas can be found in the documentation: Copernicus Interactive Climate Atlas: User Guide - Copernicus Knowledge Base - ECMWF Confluence Wiki

The dataset behind the Atlas is going to be published in the Climate Data Store soon. This will allow reproducibility and reusability of the plots provided by this Atlas.

The C3S Atlas is inspired by the IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas (IPCC-IA) and can be considered as its live evolution.

For any enquiries regarding this dataset, please contact us (ECMWF login required).

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