New CDS Credentials - confused

So, my current CDS credentials and API Key are not going to work with the new CDS,

“A new UserID (ECMWF) and API key will be needed.”

Confused… How can I generate a new UserID and API Key with my current email address?

Last time I tried, it told me my email is already registered.

So do I need to get myself a new email address (and make my IT folk unhappy)?

Or how do I get a new UserID and Key with my current email address?

Hi Mark, To get onto the new CDS (CDS-Beta) you will need to use an ECMWF account. Since you already have one then there is nothing else for you to do at this point in time. Unlike you, many CDS users (if not most) do not yet have an ECMWF account and will need to create one to gain access to CDS-Beta. Thanks!

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Thank you, Annabelle.

That helps explain things.

So, to clarify

  • SSO does not apply to current CDS
  • SSO will apply only to new CDS
  • Existing ECMWF accounts will work on new CDS via SSO, but not the existing CDS
  • New CDS is not yet available for us to at least try SSO (nor the new CDS API yet)

(I’m sure you’re going to say “hang in there - coming soon” :slight_smile: )


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Hi Mark, That’s exactly it!
…and yes, Hang in there :slight_smile:

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Another interested researcher hanging in there, here. :wink: