New dataset published in the CDS: CERRA-Land sub-daily regional reanalysis data for Europe from 1984 to present

We are pleased to announce that a new dataset have been published today, 15th November 2022, in the Climate Data Store (CDS):

The Copernicus European Regional ReAnalysis Land (CERRA-Land) dataset provides spatially and temporally consistent historical reconstructions of surface and soil variables at the same horizontal resolution as the CERRA high-resolution reanalysis

CERRA-Land describes the evolution of soil moisture, soil temperature and snowpack in a consistent view over several decades at an enhanced resolution compared to ERA5 and ERA5-Land, allowing the usage of a better description of the model topography and physiographic data.

The datasets may now be downloaded from the Climate Data Store either interactively using the CDS web interface ("Download data") or programmatically using the CDS API service. The dataset is CDS Toolbox compatible.

For any enquiries regarding this dataset, please contact us.

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