New datasets published in the CDS: Global sea level change time series and indicators from 1950 to 2050 derived from reanalysis and high resolution CMIP6 climate projections

We are pleased to announce that two new datasets providing sea level variability for the global oceans and coastal regions have been published in the Climate Data Store:

These datasets provide time series and statistical indicators of global sea level related variables including tides, storm surges and sea level rise from 1950 to 2050 based on hydrodynamic modelling. The datasets provide a basis for studies, for instance, aiming to evaluate sea level variability, coastal flooding, coastal erosion, and accessibility of ports.

The datasets may now be downloaded from the Climate Data Store either interactively using the CDS web interface ("Download data") or programmatically using the CDS API service. The datasets are CDS Toolbox compatible.

For any enquiries regarding these datasets, please contact us.