New datasets published in the CDS: Winter windstorm indicators for Europe from 1979-2021 and a synthetic windstorm event set from 1986-2011


We are pleased to announce that two new datasets providing European windstorm indicators have been published in the Climate Data Store:

This dataset provides climatological indicators on European winter windstorms and their economic impact derived from ERA5 reanalysis. The indicators include: winter (October-March) windstorm tracks, windstorm footprints, annual and decadal summary statistics for the land regions across Europe, and the socio-economic risk and loss indicators for the land regions across Europe.

This dataset contains a set of synthetic windstorm events consisting of 22,980 individual storm footprints over Europe. These are a physically realistic set of plausible windstorm events based on the modelled climatic conditions. It is not designed to reproduce actual historical observations but as a comparator for the stochastic event sets generally used for windstorm risk analysis in the insurance industry. The windstorms are identified from the maximum 3 second wind gusts derived from the 10m wind speed from the Met Office HadGEM3 model using the Global Atmosphere 3 and Global Land 3 configurations.

For any enquiries regarding these datasets, please contact us.