New features implemented for CAMS Charts

A new application using ECMWF's Open Charts engine integrated in the CAMS website for CAMS Charts was implemented on Wednesday 1st March 2023.

This change is affecting the URL which is now:

The new interface introduces some useful features, among others:

  • Chartsets: allowing users to show side-by-side graphical products belonging to the same "chartset group".
  • Share: this allows users to obtain a widget to be embedded in a web page or to share a given plot over social networks.
  • Export: with the enhancements in this feature, on top of being able to export the plot and save it as an image (PNG/PDF), users will have access to an API allowing them to programatically access the plots of their choice.

If you have any question, please raise a ticket by logging onto our secure Support Portal.

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ECMWF Support