Offline/local data usage of the API


Dear all,

I have read in the forum that the toolbox is not meant/intended for offline use.

Is the same true for the API as well?

It is clear to me that in order to support the application decorations for methods there needs to be a server running the application.

Can this be configured?

Can the data that the ct.catalogue.retrieve calls point to be configured?

Background: I want to decouple the CDS server load from my development work on historical sets of data. Subsequently, I want to archive data snapshots that some of my analysis is based upon.

Thank you very much!

Hi Bastian,

The Toolbox is intended to be used on-line, and the CDS API is intended to be used to connect to the CDS services. The  capabilities of the server itself will evolve over time as user requirements evolve, as part of the continuous improvement of the CDS.



Hallo Kevin,

thank you very much for your fast reply.

So it seems for me the main use of the API is data retrieval, then. Or do you recommend another way to get hold of the data?

Is there some page where the user requirements/roadmap can be seen? My wish would be to decouple the logic (the script/app) from the place of data storage (the server).

Thx & Best,