Only 1 year at a time download in ERA5

Recently, only 1 year at a time can be downloaded on " ERA5 hourly data on pressure levels from 1940 to present". Is there a way to download several years at once as was possible before?

Good morning /night did you manage to download your data?? I am having the same issue when trying to download T850 from 1961/2020 (00Z/06Z/12Z/18Z)

No, I didn’t. It seems there is still no possibility to download more than one year a time…

thanks!sadly my work is stuck ! I need 1961-2020 datasets and downloading each year separatly for over 10 variables isnt going to help me. Do you know about any sites i can download ERA5 datasets?

I know, I encounter the same issue… And no, I have no idea of another site you can dowload the data from, sorry.