Planned changes in the C3S seasonal forecast service

Upcoming changes in the C3S seasonal forecast service planned to be implemented for the release of the March 2021 real-time forecast (13th March at 12GMT):

  • A new forecasting system will be introduced from the MetOffice contribution to C3S, GloSea6. The on-the-fly hindcasts of the current system GloSea5-GC2-LI (GRIB system keyword=15) for the February nominal start date are the last ones to be published from that forecasting system.
  • A new contribution from ECCC (Environment and Climate Change Canada) will be added consisting of their two forecasting systems CanCM4i and GEM-NEMO

More details about these planned changes will be soon notified. Please note this is just an early warning about the plans for implementation of those contributions and changes to that schedule are still possible.

The integration of ECCC forecasting systems (CanCM4i and GEM-NEMO) into C3S has been delayed to April 2021