Planned data releases

In this post we briefly list the foreseen data updates for the Copernicus Arctic Regional Reanalysis (CARRA) datasets with indicative target dates of publications. We plan to provide separate news topics for each of the updates when those will happen.

  • Extension of the CARRA datasets until the end of June, 2022; anticipated date of publication: Q4, 2022, Completed: 03/11/2022
  • Introduction of new variables for the CARRA datasets (see variables denoted with asterisks in the Copernicus Arctic Regional Reanalysis (CARRA): Data User Guide); anticipated date of publication: Q1, 2023, Completed: 21/12/2023
  • Start of the CARRA Timely Update service (i.e. provision of regular data updates  with a 2-3 months delay with respect to real time; at the end of month N data will be available until month N-2); anticipated starting date: Q1, 2023
  • New pan-Arctic regional reanalysis (next generation Arctic regional reanalysis covering the entire Arctic) to be published;
    • anticipated date of publication of the first data release (parts of the dataset available): Q2, 2025
    • anticipated date of publication of the full dataset: Q3, 2026