Precipitation CMIP6 data

I downloaded monthly precipitation data and I converted the data from kg/m2/s to mm/year. I summed all months per year and then I multiply it by 86400*365. As a result, I got precipitation numbers higher than 10000 mm up to 80000 mm, which is not logical. What am I doing wrong? I will appreciate all comments!


Hi Jane, 
I am not 100% sure I follow your workflow as you didn't explicitly write what formula's you've actually used. But it seems to me you are doing the conversion twice.

kg*m-2*s-1 is the same number as mm*s-1 , so I'd suggest do your sum and then convert in the end. If you sum all data for the year (still in mm*s-1) then you need to multiply it by  86400*365 to get the units to mm/year.

I hope this helps.