Precipitation data is all NaN for GRIB file in Panoply?


I am having an issue with the "ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1979 to present" dataset. When I download the parameters "Precipitation Type" and "Total precipitation" from the dataset in GRIB file format, I'm getting all NaN entries (when viewing with Panoply). All other parameters downloaded in GRIB file format come through just fine for me though (temperature, dewpoint, wind, etc). But if I switch the file format to NetCDF, now the data for the precipitation parameters show up correctly in the file.

For example, if I run the example from part 1 of ERA5: How to calculate daily total precipitation exactly as shown on that page, the data for total precipitation downloads just fine in the NetCDF format. But if I switch the format to GRIB, now I get all NaN entries.

Does anyone know how I can correct this? I'm not sure if it's an issue with the actual data itself, or Panoply, or my understanding on how to view this data. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I ended up contacting support with this question. They were able to tell me that the precipitation data is in grib2 format, which panoply is unable to read. The workaround is to either use a program that supports grib2 data, or request data as netcdf.