Preparing of CAMS for WRF-Chem - help

Dear all, 

I wrote this topic before, but I haven't got any replies yet, I am not sure if I am posting this the right way, but here it goes again :

I just downloaded CAMS data for the year 2017 for a simulation with WRF-Chem.

I was wondering if you have any advice on how to prepare the data to be ingested by WRF-Chem.

Hope to have some feedback soon

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Dear Joana,

It is certainly the place you should get help from. At the moment, the forum is probably not yet very well known to other users.

However, I'll try to get some comments from colleagues here at ECMWF.

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Oh thank you so much, that would be great, 

Thanks a lot



Please have a look at the following Copernicus Knowledge Base article:

How to run the WRF-Chem model using CAMS data as initial and boundary conditions (BC)?