Pressure on different heights from ERA5 hourly model levels

I need to get the pressure data from the ERA5 model levels on different heights, I was wondering how to do so?

I know that only logarithmic pressure data (lnsp) are available for reanalysis-era5-complete.

Working with u v and w parameters (available on all model levels), I can use Metview ( while also using the parameters t, lnsp and z) and obtain my desired parameters on the heights I need.

Hence, how can I get pressure data on different heights, since I don't have them on different model levels and can't use Metview or another python script to do the vertical interpolation.

Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.


please have a look at the following page:



Hi Michela,

Thank you for your message. So does it mean please, that I can compute pressure on model levels and then use Metview to get the pressure on different heights?


yes. You can also maybe have a look at the following links:



Hi Yasmine (and Michela),

May I ask for your update on calculating pressure on different heights using the model level data? I was wondering if the result you finally generated is a function of altitude or pressure level like the interpolated pressure of boundary layer height (red curve) in this link:, which looks to be plotted against pressure level (y-axis).