Problem importing data in ArcGIS: Mountain tourism meteorological and snow indicators for Europe


Hi, community,

I want to make a feature in ArcGIS using a NetCDF file that I have previously downloaded from the Copernicus website. 

I am having trouble getting the X, Y variables. Plus, the attributes from the nb of days variable show a date instead of a number of days. 

I would appreciate some guidance to be sure that I import the data correctly in ArcGIS and that I make a good interpretation of it. 

Thanks in advance, 


This is my API request:

import cdsapi

c = cdsapi.Client()

‘time_aggregation’: ‘climatology’,
‘variable’: ‘period_with_medium_height_of_natural_snow’,
‘experiment’: ‘rcp8_5’,
‘version’: ‘1_0’,
‘format’: ‘zip’,
‘period’: ‘2081-2100’,
‘statistic’: ‘mean’,