R-Explorer: A web-based platform to display a subset of ERA5

Hi all. Like many other meteorologists I use ERA5 data quite frequently. Typically, I download some subset of data from Copernicus to my computer and then I use some software to analyze it.

Last semester I lead a small group of computer science students to develop R-Explorer (https://rexplorer.cr2.cl/), a web-based platform to display and make simple analysis using a subset of ERA5 fields that we have downloaded in our university server. The user only needs to define dates (single or multiple), spatial domain (global or selected regions) and select up to three variables. The resulting map uses some predefined features (colors, contours) but the user can modify all of them, get a high-quality figure and download the selected data. By default, the web is presented in Spanish but you can choose English language at the bottom of the page.

We fully appreciate the effort ECMWF is doing in producing ERA5, acknowledge the data source in R-Explorer and placed direct links to ECMWF. We hope this effort can facilitate the use of ERA5 for some specific tasks (mostly in synoptic meteorology).

This version 1 of R-Explorer and some bugs can be still there. For Version 2 we plan to calculate anomalies and other statical analysis. Let us know any comment and suggestions you may have.

My very best regards

Rene Garreaud

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile