Recent changes with the satellite Ozone data in the Climate Data Store

Some changes were recently made to the presentation and content of satellite Ozone data in the Climate Data Store (CDS).

In response to users feedback, the layout and clarity of the satellite Ozone data from the Climate Data Store (CDS) has been improved and the data extended with updated versions:

To implement the new layout and clarity, it was necessary to create a new satellite Ozone data entry in the CDS:

The previous satellite Ozone data entry has been marked as deprecated, which means that it is no longer searchable in the CDS and its products will no longer be updated. However, it will remain accessible to users for about one year before being permanently removed from the CDS.

Please note that the variable names have been changed from the original (now deprecated) catalogue entry as described in the table shown at the bottom of the new satellite ozone dataset overview page.

Level 4 Ozone data covering 2020 will be published later this year.

We invite users downloading satellite Ozone data programmatically using the CDS API service or the CDS Toolbox to update their scripts as soon as possible. Please note that while the data from the deprecated satellite Ozone entry will remain accessible via the CDS API until the dataset is removed from the CDS, no support will be provided to users of the deprecated satellite Ozone data.

For any enquiries or feedback regarding the above, please contact the Copernicus Support team at ECMWF


C3S Helpdesk at ECMWF