Release of version vDT2021 of C3S global daily sea level dataset

We are happy to announce the release of version vDT2021 of the following satellite-based dataset in the Climate Data Store:

Sea level daily gridded data from satellite observations for the global ocean from 1993 to present

This new version supersedes the current version vDT2018, which provides daily data through June 2020 and will no longer be updated.

Note that data from version vDT2021 will be provided only for the global ocean domain. The two regional sea level datasets covering the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea will not be updated to the new version and their data record will not be extended beyond June 2020.

The new vDT2021 version includes the following improvements:

  • Use of the ERA5 Reanalysis for atmospheric correction
  • New Level-2P altimeter standards
  • Improved Level-3 mapping algorithm
  • Improved characterisation of the error budgets of altimeter measurements

Additional information about the dataset and the changes implemented in version vDT2021 can be found in the dataset documentation.

Users retrieving  data via the CDS API or from within the CDS Toolbox should be aware that they need to add a new 'version' attribute to their Python request as shown in the example below. See also the example code snippets at the bottom of the download data tab of the dataset.

CDS API request
import cdsapi
c = cdsapi.Client()
        'version': 'vDT2021',
        'variable': 'all',
        'format': 'zip',
        'day': '01',
        'month': '01',
        'year': '2020',