Report a data access error in ERA5 single-level dataset

Problem description: I downloaded three netcdf data files (each file contains swh and wind speed) around three regions in the same time range. The three regions are quite similar in space with merely 1.5 degree difference at most  in longitude or latitude range. I picked and compared data points of the same time and location from three files. Below is a example, I picked a same data point (significant wave height, 2020-01-01 02:00:00, 119°E 25°N) of three files to state the problem. As you can see, they are totally different, and a pattern appears, where longitude columns in second file are consistent with the first file with one column difference ( for example, please compare '119' column in the first file with ' 118.75' column in the second ).

Does it mean there exists some data access problem?

fig. 1 the first data file

fig. 2 the second data file

fig. 3 the third data file

This link definitely explains the problem.