SO2 and DMS emissions in CAMS

Dear all,

I am looking for information on the emissions used in the CAMS reanalysis for SO2 and DMS. I am aware of the CAMS reanalysis overview paper (doi:10.5194/acp-19-3515-2019), which contains a section on emissions. On a closer look, however, there is information missing on the biogenic and natural emissions. It is said that "Natural emissions from soils and oceans for NO2, dimethyl sulfate (DMS) and SO2 were taken from the POET database for 2000 (Granier et al., 2005; Olivier et al., 2003)." Unfortunately, the two references lead into nowhere (an old webpage just stating that POET exists, and the other is an internal document).

I would only be interested in the general types of emissions that are considered. In particular, I wonder whether permanently outgassing volcanoes (like Bagana in Papua New Guinea) are considered. From looking at plots of the mixing ratios of SO2 near ground, I would very much suppose that they are considered, but I would be happy if that could be confirmed, since I have some discussion in a paper draft that assumes that this is true. To be able to submit my draft, I would not only need a confirmation, but probably also a working reference.

I hope somebody can help me here

Best wishes, Ingo Wohltmann

Some of the natural emissions used in the CAMS reanalysis are not well documented. There were the same as what was used for the MOZART-3 model.

The reference for the SO2 outgassing is Andres and Kasgnoc (1998):

For ocean DMS emissions:  the reference is Kloster, S., Feichter, J., Maier-Reimer, E., Six, K. D., Stier, P., and Wetzel, P.: DMS cycle in the marine ocean-atmosphere system - a global model study, Biogeosciences, 3, 29-51, 2006,