[SOLVED] Calculate trends example explanation

Hello, I apologize if this question is very simple but I am not very familiar with climate data.

Is someone able to explain what this "Calculate trends" example outputs in plain english? https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/toolbox/doc/gallery/31_calculate_trend.html

If I had to guess I would say that the map show the mean temperature change per year in degrees centigrade during the range of years provided. 

What is confusing me is the legend is labeled "Stats trend slope (K year-1)". I did some googling but I was unable to figure out what "K year-1" means.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi Nathan,

you are correct, it's just that the plot shows the trend (the average change) in degrees Kelvin (K) per year, rather than degrees Centigrade per year,

Hope that helps,


Thank you that is helpful Kevin