Spatial subset of Arctic Regional Reanalysis

Has anybody tried and succeeded in  subsetting the Arctic Regional Reanalysis data set via the Toolbox Editor? Looking for examples. Thanks.

Just so this is documented somewhere (I did ask a similar question a long time ago and never got a reply).

This download a box around Iceland, interpolates it to a ~ 2x2 km grid. I downloaded the orography just to see the 

how good this is

import cdstoolbox as ct

@ct.application(title='Download data')
def download_application():
    data = ct.catalogue.retrieve(
            'domain': 'west_domain',
            'level_type': 'surface_or_atmosphere',
            'variable': 'orography',
            'product_type': 'analysis',
            'time': '00:00',
            'year': '2023',
            'month': '01',
            'day': '01',
            'grid': [0.04180602,0.01826484],
            'area': [67, -25,63, -12.5 ],
    return data