Specify Output file name using ct.output.download

Dear all,

is there a possibility to specify the name for the output file (line 4 in the code below)?

import cdstoolbox as ct

@ct.application(title=‘Download data’)
@ct.output.download() # I would like to specify the name of the output file here.
def download_application():
data = ct.catalogue.retrieve(
‘variable’: ‘all’,
‘time_aggregation’: ‘monthly_mean’,
‘year’: ‘2010’,
‘month’: [
‘01’, ‘02’, ‘03’,
‘04’, ‘05’, ‘06’,
‘07’, ‘08’, ‘09’,
‘10’, ‘11’, ‘12’,
return data

I don't understand the API documentation, please see the code below. Could you please give a bit more information about 'type' and 'format' variables?

def download(format=None) -> _T.Callable:
	type = 'xarray.core.dataarray.DataArray'
    return _specs.annotate(name='return', type=type, format=format)

Thank you.