Submission of Toolbox Scripts from a remote computer

Just checking out this Toolbox. Looks powerful. Is there a way/plan to allow for remote submission of toolbox scripts. For example, being able average a hourly variable to a daily average would  allow much reduced traffic. 



Dear Axel,

I am not sure what you mean with "remote submission of toolbox script".

If you already have developed Toolbox applications on the Toolbox Editor you can look into how to submit a workflow remotely here: How to call a service with the CDS API



Thanks much Vivien. This is what I was looking for and the examples help.

 Two question emerge. If I have a toolbox workflow defined, that generates an output file, is there a way to set the output file name of the downloaded file? Also is there a way to pass a parameter to the (example in your link) script when called via the "workflow" method? Thanks a lot


Dear Axel,

I have never actually tested it myself but from the sentence "any parameters after 'code' will be passed to the workflow" I would assume that: 

r = c.workflow(code, param1, param2)

would launch with param1 and param2 as inputs.

Let me know if that works.

As it is there is no way to set the name of the downloaded files. If you run a batch I would suggest to rename the files just after they get downloaded.



Thanks, seems to work when parameters are specified as keywords.

r = c.workflow(code,month=months,year=years)

Renaming works.

Thank you

I have a follow-up question on c.workflow. Is there a documentation somewhere how to pass arguments with it?

I've tried r = c.workflow(code,maxday=30) where the argument "maxday" is passed into code but I get an error "TypeError: application() got an unexpected keyword argument 'maxday'

Not sure what I'm missing.