Subset region between 150E -150W


Hello Team, 

I'm posting here for the first time, and glad that there is a support forum.

My study area falls between 150E-150W (East-West confluence zone), and I'm struggling with the subset region of interest option.

Below is my study area, every time I try, I can either get the region towards East of 180 or West of 180, but not together. I have exchanged multiple numbers along with signs. Nothing seems to work.

Can someone please guide or assist me through this? I don't understand where am I going wrong.

Would be obliged, Many Thanks in advance!!!

I am running into the same problem, for ERA5 data on single levels on the CDS.

I think it was possible before, although I cannot remember whether that was (150, -150) or (150, 210), but now neither works.


Hi, for ERA5, you can do this using the CDS API:

import cdsapi

c = cdsapi.Client()

‘product_type’: ‘reanalysis’,
‘variable’: ‘2m_temperature’,
‘year’: ‘2021’,
‘month’: ‘12’,
‘day’: ‘05’,
‘time’: ‘00:00’,
‘area’: [
90, 150, 0,
], # N, W, S, E
‘format’: ‘netcdf’,

which gives:

Hope that helps,


Thank you Kevin, that seems to work for me!

A note that in the 'Geographical area' widget on the CDS app, you are still not allowed to have a West edge > East edge, so 150 > -150 will not work, but using the API it seems to work. Maybe this is a bug that can be fixed quite easily?

Hi Reint,

Yes, the CDS web form restricts the longitude values you can specify. This may be changed at some point in the future, but for the time being, the best approach is to use the CDS API to request data across the dateline,