Summarized ERA5 values to match Chelsa Bioclim, but for lake water?

I am interested in generating some summary values for climate across the globe, but wonder if something like this is already available.

What I'm trying to do is mimic the Chelsa Bioclim variables, but to do it for ERA5 lake temperature (Chelsa uses air temp).

Below are the values I'd like to create globally, using (in most cases Lake mix-later temperature). Is anyone aware of something like this out there, or a way that I could do this without downloading a ton of raw ERA5 values?

Thank you!

Bioclim – Chelsa Climate (

Chelsa Codes:

Bio1 = Annual Mean Temperature
Bio2 = Mean Diurnal Range
Bio3 = Isothermality
Bio4 = Temperature Seasonality
Bio5 = Max Temperature of Warmest Month
Bio6 = Min Temperature of Coldest Month
Bio7 = Temperature Annual Range
Bio8 = Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter
Bio9 = Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter
Bio10 = Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter
Bio11 = Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter