Technical issue on CDS - FIXED!


Latest on 12/07: The CDS team is pleased to share with its users that the CDS is now running much higher numbers than before reaching around 150 TB of data delivered on daily average and over 1 million requests per day! The CDS team would welcome your comments or any feedback you may have (simply post your comments below). Thank you.

Latest on 06/07: We can confirm that the Climate Data Store has resumed normal operation. Nevertheless to fully consolidate the infrastructure there are still some actions to be run in the background. These will be done on dedicated system sessions in the coming days. The number of requests in the queue is still very high and it will take time for those to process and catchup. Thanks again for your patience.

Latest on 01/07: Various actions implemented by the CDS team are showing positive impacts on the CDS infrastructure. Requests are running but the queue is long. Users are advised to leave their request in the queue. Meanwhile, the CDS team continues to actively work on resolving the underlying issue until the system is fully operational again.

Latest on 28/06: CDS technical issue unfortunately is taking longer to resolve than planned. All available resources are used to address this issue as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience at this time.

Latest on 24/06: CDS queue to be cleared 

Due to an unexpected technical issue arising on the Climate Data Store (CDS) yesterday 22 June 2022, access to data on the Climate Data Store is unfortunately degraded. Some requests may fail or take longer than usual to complete.

The Climate Data Store team is actively working to have all systems fully operational as soon as possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

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ECMWF Support

How long does it take to fix this technical issue??

Hi, according to Service status | ECMWF 

Technical issues with CDS infrastructure - End

Could you please clarify what is the status? I'm still experiencing issues with downloading data.

Angelika Wittbrodt

Hello ECMWF Support,

Could you please tell us exactly what is going on with CDS?

It has been several days since we have noticed that simple requests remain pending for several hours and when they are finally processed, the download fails.

At this time, CDS is still not operational!

Thank you for keeping us informed.


Joseph O'Hayon

3 days since last update "Latest on 24/06: CDS queue to be cleared"

More information, more often would be extremely helpful

My requests have been completed now - after more than 10 hours in the queue. (sad)

Thanks for keeping us updated. 

It takes a long time but CDS is working. I hope you will fix the issue soon. Thanks for your dedicated work. 

Hello, I have jobs sitting in the queue for 28 hours.  Do you expect them to eventually get through or is it best to kill them and start again? Thanks

Hey Mark, I've been having similar long queue times but all my jobs have eventually gone through. Interestingly... this afternoon my queue times started to improve greatly, with the turn time coming down to around 30 min per request. Hopefully this is a sign that the issues are being resolved!

great! Thanks Aidan

Hello, the jobs that I have submitted are still stuck on queue for over 24 hours but I see that's not the case for everybody. Should I cancel and resubmit?

Hi Michail,

I tried the cancel and resubmit route for jobs that had been in the queue for 28 hours.  I resubmitted and now the new set has been in the queue for 20 hours so that wasn't the solution (smile)

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing your experience! I was just about to do the same.

Yeah, it would help if Support can answer this question of canceling and resubmitting jobs. I also have jobs in the queue for close to 2 days now and I'm not sure how best to proceed (canceling & resubmitting vs waiting).

Hi, My request has been queued for over 72 hrs now and it is still at the same status. Can anyone please suggest what i should do? How long will this take or when will it be solved.

seems to be still something wrong with the ERA5 datasets.

Hi there,

Everything is working perfect today: requests are processed within 10-15 minutes and the download is error-free with the usual speed. CDS is back!

Many thanks to the technical and support teams!

i find it would be ok if 2022 excluded!