Toolbox terminology


In the CDS Toolbox, what is the difference between a 'tool', a 'workflow' and an 'application'?

If I write some code to process data in the Toolbox, can I share it with other people?



Hi, this is a good question.

All three words "tool", "workflow", and "application" have a precise meaning in the context of the toolbox:

  • tool: a software module that operates generally on data and works inside the CDS (backend)
  • workflow: a script (python3) that uses tools to produce output and can be designed by any registered users
  • application: it is what a user see in his browser when a workflow runs. It runs on the browser and interface with the CDS triggering the execution of workflows, rendering plots and providing links to processed files.

When a user creates a workflow he also design the application that will allow the user to interact with inputs and outputs.

For the later question the answer is yes, a user can share the workflows he wrote with other CDS users. A user can set if to share with everybody or only with some users and give them different rights:

  • read and execute 
  • read write and execute 

To achieve this in the toolbox editor there is an icon as highlighted in the picture.


Please use it when you want to share your code within the user support, the forum!

Thanks for the explanation Gionata, that is very helpful!