Training in Atmospheric Composition

Registrations are open for the third joint ECMWF, ESA and EUMETSAT training in atmospheric composition

The event includes five full days of online training distributed over two weeks from 6-17 December.

Register now to attend this free training and discover the state-of-the-art in atmospheric monitoring and modelling. The training will provide an end-to-end overview of modelling, observations, remote sensing, data assimilation and applications. It will also enable you to gain hands-on experience in accessing and analysing data!

The course is jointly organised by ECMWF, EUMETSAT and ESA and is the third in a series of annual trainings. The deadline for registrations is 19 November 2021. Notification of acceptance is on 24 November.

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Can we access a recording and download the materials?

Yes, the recordings and material are accessible here 3rd EUMETSAT/ESA/ECMWF joint training in atmospheric composition | Copernicus

Please note that the most recent joint training in atmospheric composition was held in 2023, the recordings of which are available here: Online Lessons recordings | ATMOS Training 2023

Please note also that the next version of this training will be held in September 2024, all details available here: 6th ECMWF CAMS, ESA, EUMETSAT Training in Atmospheric Composition | Copernicus

Kind regards

ECMWF training team


Thank you for the reply.

How can I access the practical link for the Jupyter:
regarding the
Data analysis practical
of the Agenda Dy 4 Tuesday 14 Dec
as referenced in the video

error for the Jupyter notebook is:

404 : Not Found

Remote HTTP 404: Not Found ({"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":"REST API endpoints for Git trees - GitHub Docs})


Igor Rubio

Dear Igor,

Thank you for this, the link and the exercise have evolved since this course took place. Please see here the catalogue of Jupyter notebooks for CAMS, including the European Air Quality Index calculation tutorial Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) Data Tutorials — CAMS Training

Kind regards
ECMWF training team

Thanks, I will review the links.
If I have any other doubt can I reach you or someone else?