Upcoming release of version 2 of C3S Sea Ice Edge and Type dataset

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of a new version (version 2.0) of the following satellite-based Climate Data Record (CDR) in the Climate Data Store at the end of September 2021:

Sea ice edge and type daily gridded data from 1979 to present derived from satellite observations

This pre-release annoucement is meant to help current users of version 1.0 of the dataset prepare for this change as the production of version 1.0 will end in early October 2021.

The new version will include the following improvements:

  • Use of the ERA5 Reanalysis as auxiliary data for atmospheric correction in the CDR
  • Improved temperature-based correction scheme for sea ice classification in warm conditions
  • Level-4 product (instead of Level-3 for version 1.0)
  • Start of the CDR in October 1978 (instead of January 1979 for version 1.0)