Update on CMIP6 data download form on the CDS

Latest on 04/10/11: The issue reported on 01/09/2022 is now resolved but please be aware that there will be a minor update to the CMIP6 dataset tomorrow (05-10-2022) to improve the way users select dates of interest. The "Temporal range" widget will be removed and replaced with "Year", "Month" and "Day" widgets instead. Users can still select a date range via the CDS API by continuing to pass a date argument in their requests, and all existing CDS API requests will be backwards-compatible with the updated dataset.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing in the meantime.  

On 01/09/11: There are still ongoing issues with this dataset. Please be aware that requests may fail intermittently.

On 25/08/22: Unfortunately, further technical issues have arisen with the provision of CMIP6 data from the Climate Data Store (CDS). 

On 23/08/2022, technical difficulties resolved. Access to CMIP6 from CDS restored.

On 22/08/2022, access to CMIP6 suspended until further notice due to technical difficulties.

ECMWF Support