Upgrade (U5) to the CAMS European air quality forecasts

We would like to confirm to our CAMS European air quality forecasts users that the latest upgrade (U5) to the CAMS European air quality forecasts model was successfully implemented on 22 March 2022.

The main features introduced in the upgrade include:

  • Addition of two vertical output levels : 100 m and 750 m
  • Implementation of a new emissions dataset to run air quality models ( CAMS-REG-V5.1 REF2 v2.0.1/2018 ). This new data set has no impact on the individual models nor the ENSEMBLE outputs.

The CAMS Regional: European air quality analysis and forecast documentation has been updated accordingly.

Another upgrade is planned in a few months time. A new announcement will be posted in the CAMS Announcements forum.  We recommend users to 'Watch' the CAMS Announcement page (click the 'Watch' button at the top right of the page - login required). By watching a Forum topic , you will be receiving email notifications of updates made to the page being watched. 

For any enquiries regarding this dataset, you may contact us by raising a ticket on the ECMWF Support Portal(ECMWF login required).

ECMWF Support