Very slow downloads from CDS API since Monday 20th May pm

I’ve been downloading hourly ERA5 temperatures on pressure levels for the past week, and generally getting 4 or 5 files per hour up to yesterday afternoon, Monday 20th May.
I guess a test of the new storage system was performed (no specific notifications) and since about 18Z yesterday, only 8 files have been retrieved (in 18 hours).
Is the system fully up-and-running? The “Live” information on CDS suggests it is running far fewer jobs.

Agreed - I have jobs queued >7 hours.

Delays started yesterday (20th) afternoon (UK)

Seems this was resolved at least within the last couple of hours

Now for me running normally and fast

Thanks, it’s the same here too - back to normal over past two hours, and working very well.

And here - all seems back to normal

Data downloads of ERA5 pressure level data are very slow today. One day of 6-hourly data took 3 hours. Is there a problem?

Yeah, same it seemed to have gotten worse over the last week.

each export takes about 3 hours