Water quality/quantity indicators datasets variables in netcdf format

Water quantity indicators for Europe and Water quality indicators for European rivers netCDF files contains several different netCDF numbered variables (named "values#", where '#' is a number).

These netCDF variables correspond to the Global Climate Model (GCM)/ Regional Climate Model (RCM) combinations as given at the end of the 'global attributes' in the netCDF file; for example:

  • :invar_gcm_id = "GCMs in the order of the variables are: SMHI-EC-EARTH CSC-MPI-ESM-LR SMHI-EC-EARTH CSC-MPI-ESM-LR SMHI-EC-EARTH CSC-MPI-ESM-LR"
  • :invar_rcm_id = "RCMs in the order of the variables are: SMHI-RCA4 CSC-REMO2009 SMHI-RCA4 CSC-REMO2009 SMHI-RCA4 CSC-REMO2009"

In this case, netCDF variable "value1" of the  requested comes from the GCM/RCM combination: SMHI-EC-EARTH/SMHI-RCA4, value 2 is from the GCM/RCM combination: CSC-MPI-ESM-LR/CSC-REMO2009, and so on. The number of combinations varies depending on the variable and the Emissions scenario used.