What's the equivalent name of ERA5 monthly 10m wind speed in ERA5 hourly data?

Hi, I’ve been using monthly mean ERA5 single level data for some analysis, but now require greater precision in time resolution. I am downloading thus the hourly data and aggregating them into daily averages.

I have been using the cdsapi so far. I’ve noticed that the component “10m_wind_speed” that exists in the monthly mean dataset does not exist in the hourly, which I found odd.

Is there an alternative equivalent name, or is the only way to obtain wind speed by getting both u and v components and calculating the wind speed as s = sqrt(u^2 + v^2) ?

please have a look here:

thanks, given your reply, I take it that the answer is:

“there is no out-of-the-box wind speed data in the ERA5 hourly single-levels dataset. You need to download the two data for u and v components and calculate wind speed as s = sqrt(u^2 + v^2).”