When will CERRA become available?

It is said on https://climate.copernicus.eu/copernicus-regional-reanalysis-europe-cerra that the production was supposed to complete in 2021. Now it's already 2022. When can we expect to access the data from the C3S Climate Data Store? Thanks!


CERRA and CERRA-EDA were published in the CDS at the beginning of August 2022.
CERRA on single levels: https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/cdsapp#!/dataset/reanalysis-cerra-single-levels?tab=overview

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to add to this question, is there any chance, CERRA will become "near real-time" soon? I mean, is there any chance it will be solved soon? Like in few weeks, months? Any hint about this? It would be super nice to have such great product available at least for complete year 2021 and of course 2022 and the best option is near real-time as proposed originally. 

As I learned in CERRA documentation in FAQ section, there is some problem with contract

The production of the CERRA data is delayed by 2-3 months with respect to real time. The delay is directly dependent on the availability of some reprocessed datasets (e.g. GNSS-RO). Note: at the time when the dataset was released, a contract for the near-real time update of CERRA dataset had not been concluded, and therefore the production was suspended; it will be resumed once the contract is signed. One should be aware that it takes several months to produce data that will bridge the gap between June 2021 (last available month) and the near-real time, and that only after filling the gap, the dataset will be updated with a delay of 2-3 months behind the real time. For instance, the release of data for January 2023 can be expected in April 2023.

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Data from July 2021 onwards will start being available in monthly chunks towards the end of 2023 and production will catch with the real time in Q2/2024. Please note that real time means a latency of 2-3 months with respect to the 1st day of the month.