Where is the documentation on which parameters are valid for the retrieve function?

As an example, here is a piece of valid code:

import cdsapi c = cdsapi.Client()

c.retrieve( 'reanalysis-era5-land',

{ 'variable': '2m_temperature',
'area': '50.8/5.2/50.9/5.3',
'year': [ '2011', '2014', ],
'month': '01',
'day': '01',
'time': [ '00:00', '01:00', '02:00', '03:00', '04:00', '05:00', '06:00', '07:00', '08:00', '09:00', '10:00', '11:00', '12:00', '13:00', '14:00', '15:00', '16:00', '17:00', '18:00', '19:00', '20:00', '21:00', '22:00', '23:00', ],
'format' : 'netcdf', },
'/Users/au152367/Documents/IPM Decisions/data/weather/my-file.nc' )

There must be a list somewhere with all the possible parameters ('variable', 'area', etc.) and their syntax? For instance I believe, there must be a shorthand for specifying all hours (0 to 23) and for specifying a time interval.

In this case, I wanted data only for the location 50.8/5.2 but I happened to stumble upon the 'area' keyword, which at least cuts down the data I get to the four corners of the specified area. I tried 'point' to get a single location but that seems not to be a legal keyword.


I suggest to go to the CDS web form to check all the parameters and their availability. Moreover, you can use the button 'Show API request' to check the right syntax of the request.

For the area the right syntax is:

  'area': [60, -10, 50, 2], # North, West, South, East. Default: global

You can find all the parameters listing at the following link:

ERA5-Land: data documentation#Land:datadocumentation-parameterlistingParameterlistings