You may need to re-download data from the CDS

Dear user,

If you have downloaded data in the NetCDF format from the CDS between 9:45UTC 18th April 2024 and 16:20UTC 19th April 2024, please re-download the data. There was a problem causing GRIB to NetCDF conversion giving wrong data. This was due to configuration mismatch between the binary file and the shared libraries.

We are sorry for any inconvenience may have caused you. And we want to thank those who reported the issue to us.

Kind regards,
ECMWF Support

I appear to be unable to redownload the data because I am hitting the cds cache (verified that my attempt to redownload is downloading the exact same netcdf from

  1. can I download using the cdsapi and bypass the cache?
  2. if not, can the cache be cleared of files generated when the GRIB-to-NetCDF conversion was faulty?

You can avoid the cached data by looking at How to avoid the CDS cache issue